Programme Partners

Programme stakeholders consist of the European Investment Bank, involved financial intermediaries and the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management as Lead Technical Assistance Implementing Consultant. The Technical Assistance operation is financed by the EU under the Cotonou agreement.

European Investment Bank
European Union

European Investment Bank at a glance

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is a non-profit European Union financial institution established in 1958 with headquarters in Luxembourg. Membership of the EIB is shared between the 28 EU member states, who work closely with other EU institutions in implementing EU policy globally through long-term lending. The EIB is the largest multilateral lender and borrower in the world. It is committed to upholding the central objectives of the ACP-EU cooperation in the framework of the Cotonou Agreement, most notably through poverty reduction, sustainable development and the progressive integration of the ACP countries into the world economy. More information can be retrieved at

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management – A Driving Force in the Financial Sector

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is a research-led business school, covering every aspect of business, management, banking and finance. Since the early 1990s, International Advisory Services (formerly Bankakademie International) has been committed to providing consulting and training services and addressing the needs of different stakeholders in the financial sector. On behalf of various agencies and development finance institutions (such as ADB, EU, EIB, EBRD, GTZ, IFC, KfW, World Bank) International Advisory Services carries out projects across the globe with the overall aim to strengthen the financial sector and thus contribute to improving access to finance for low-end populations. In order to further contribute to increasing access to finance for the low-income population and to better serve our clients in Africa, International Advisory Services opened its first regional office in Nairobi, Kenya, in June 2008. Learn more at



Trustco Bank Namibia Ltd.


Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

The technical assistance operation is financed under the Cotonou agreement. The Promoter utilises non-repayable aid granted by the European Commission in support of EIB investment activities in the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, assisting the Promoter during different stages of the project cycle. The EIB has selected Frankfurt School of Finance & Management to carry out the Technical Assistance Programme throughout the lifetime of the Programme which is envisaged to run until March 2020.