New EIB e-learning course on its environmental and social standards

The new EIB e-learning course dedicated to its EU based 10 environmental and social standards.

Specifically, this course allows participants to better understand:

  • how environmental and social risk management is relevant to their institution (equity fund, local bank, microfinance institution) and their clients;
  • how to apply the EIB’s 10 E&S standards for investments outside the EU;
  • how to implement an environmental and social management plan to guide their investment decisions.

You can now register for the course by clicking on “Register here” and filling out the registration form here.

Provision of training with local universities and other specialised training providers

In order to make the training component sustainable and allow for the possibility to offer training locally for bank personnel, the programme has established partnerships with the Bankers Institute of Botswana and University of Botswana (Faculty of Business). The knowledge generated in this programme shall be utilised to develop training curricula and be transferred to banking and business students within the local population, potentially benefiting other stakeholders (e.g. government and service providers).

The curricula and training courses will be strategically designed and selected to enhance the capacities of participants and partner institutions. This access to quality training could potentially be extended beyond the duration of the EIB’s programme.

Next training opportunity

Training courses are in preparation in cooperation with the Botswana Institute of Bankers and the University of Botswana. 

The following course was held in 2017:


Key Partners Place Tentative date
SME Finance Training Course (2 weeks) Botswana Institute of Bankers, University of Botswana (Faculty of Business) Gaborone

9-13 October, 2017 &
6-10 November, 2017



The technical assistance operation is financed under the Cotonou agreement by the EU in support of EIB.
The Technical Assistance component of the project is implemented in a consortium led by Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.