Funding requests

If you are private sector micro-entrepreneur or a registered SME based in Botswana you can benefit from the EIB Southern Africa Microfinance / Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) funding and obtain a loan here in Botswana! The proposed project should meet sound financial, technical and economic criteria and fall within an eligible sector. Sectors include production, manufacturing, services, trade, tourism and the agro-industry.

Which currencies are available?

Depending on the policy of the approved financial intermediary, loans could potentially be made available in Pulla, USD, EUR or other currencies traded on major foreign exchange markets.

Please submit your loan application to the EIB’s approved financial intermediary of your choice. The approved financial intermediary is responsible for selecting and appraising eligible projects and for the submission of funding requests to the EIB for approval. As the approved financial intermediary will be taking on the credit risk, they will decide on the appropriate security depending on their risk assessment and market analysis. The approved financial intermediary due diligence and credit decisions are carried out at the approved financial intermediaries’ sole discretion.

The loan duration is generally up to 5 years and in certain cases up to 7 years. Interest rates are freely negotiated between the borrower and the AFI. They will typically depend on the market based cost of the EIB’s AAA funding as well as a margin to cover the AFI’s credit risk and administrative costs.

Download the General Rules & Conditions for Botswana here.

Business Development

By organising a series of support interventions aimed at raising the financial education and capability levels of M/SMEs, the Business Development Programme aims at improving the level of financial literacy, managerial capacity and entrepreneurial skills of business owners and market participants.

A presentation of the key findings of the MSME Market Assessment in Botswana can be downloaded here.

M/SME Workshop

Our workshops in Botswana are undertaken as a series of M/SME support actions aimed at improving managerial capacity and building entrepreneurship skills in order to maximize the development impact of M/SMEs, to promote job creation and to help M/SMEs present bankable projects to financial intermediaries.


Theme Place Tentative date


The MSME Market Assessment in Botswana, Dissemination Workshopreport can be downloaded here



The technical assistance operation is financed under the Cotonou agreement by the EU in support of EIB.
The Technical Assistance component of the project is implemented in a consortium led by Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.